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Grief in obstetrics and gynecology

In this webinar, we discuss the many ways in which grief can show up in OB/GYN, and how healthcare professionals can support families.

This webinar is intended for medical and healthcare professionals such as:

  • medical assistants and EMTs
  • nurses and nursing students
  • advanced practice providers (APRN, PA)
  • medical students, physicians
  • rehab therapists (OT, PT)


  • Define and discuss the many experiences in obstetrics and gynecology settings that may elicit grief reactions in families
  • Recognize healthcare professionals' impact on families' grief processes and the importance of grief-sensitive communication
  • Develop greater confidence in communicating with families experiencing grief related to obstetric and gynecological issues.
  • Gain information about support organizations and resources available locally and nationally for families experiencing grief due to obstetric and gynecological issues.